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Our History

Since we opened our doors, Urban Yogurt has become an integral part of the local community. We started Urban Yogurt in 2014 after simply realizing our growing area needed a close place where families and friends could meet, hang and enjoy the highest quality frozen treat available, topped off with the freshest fruit, gummies, nuts, hot fudge or whatever their taste buds were calling. 


Come explore our lively Frozen Yogurt Shop today and discover the true meaning of deliciousness.

Our Flavors

(And why we are different!)

In order to give our customers the best variety of frozen yogurts, sorbets, gelatos, yogilatos and Italian Ice,  we do not buy exclusively from one source.  We listen to our customers and aim to bring in the flavors they want along with introducing new products as they become available.

It just makes sense.  Your happiness is important!


Our daily line up consists of 8  flavors.

 Triple Chocolate, World's Best Tart, Cake Batter &  NSA Vanilla are ALWAYS available.

The other 4 flavors change almost daily, so get your favorite flavor while you can!

We always offer at least 1 dairy-free option.  Most all flavors are Gluten-Free, and Kosher. 

 For any specific dietary needs, ask a staff member to see our Nutritional Book.

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